What is the best choice of roof?

Metal roofs are a cheap alternative to the traditional timber roof, but cause major condensation on the inside which is not good for the rest of the shed. If you are using your shed for storage then forget about a metal roof as dripping water onto items in the shed will cause a bad mouldy smell and eventually ruin whatever you have stored.

Other cons: The metal roofs are not as strong as timber, time consuming to assemble, require sealing on the joints and will rust over time and if it rains they are very noisy and its the tinny noise that will drive you crazy!

And why would you want to look out of your window and see a cheap tin commercial asbestos looking roof on a beautiful timber garden building?

Whether its a playhouse, shed, log cabin, garden summer house or cottage insist on a timber roof, the felt is usually guaranteed for over 20 years anyway.

How to tell if a shed is made from cheap fast growing timber?

The best quality timber sheds are made from slow-growing Redwood Pine from Scandinavia, as this is stronger and has a tighter grain. Cheaper buildings are made from Whitewood Pine, which is fast-growing and won't last. Whitewood sheds tend to dry out leaving knot-holes, and each board will swell then shrink once exposed to the weather. They are also quite porous and will leak. A clear giveaway to spot low quality timber is lining if you see a shed advertised with lining saying that this is aesthetically pleasing then stay clear. What looks more pleasing to the eye than quality timber.

Acrylic Perspex or Glass Window?

Acrylic Perspex shed windows, although more durable than normal glass, and less dense than standard glass, also means it is cheaper to produce, however Acrylic windows have several disadvantages that you should be wary of before deciding on Acrylic windows in your shed, office garden, summerhouse or store.

  1. Acrylic can be bought in clear plastic form yet will always appear more wavy than clear glass.
  2. Acrylic needs to expand and contract, which can wear out the window gaskets which hold the Acrylic window in place. If no gasket is used the wood may split.
  3. Poor quality or thin Acrylic shed windows can become brittle over time, and will eventually turn yellow.
  4. Acrylic shed windows cannot hold the same weight as glass forms if used as a skylight.
  5. The surface of Acrylic is softer than that of glass, which is why it is not scratch resistant, remember your shed will be getting hit from all directions when exposed to the elements in your garden.
  6. And finally, Acrylic shed windows are not the best material for blocking out noise, so, if you're looking for peace and quiet in your retreat or man cave do not opt for Acrylic Perspex windows.

In our opinion.... for Timber Garden Buildings.....Shatter Proof Styrene or Toughened Safety Glass WINS!

More Frequently Asked Questions UK

Question: How much is delivery?
Answer: Delivery is FREE throughout the UK

Question: Do you install the garden buildings?
Answer: Yes we offer full installation service on the full range of garden buildings.

Question: Is the timber used sustainable?
Answer: Yes, the timber is quality slow grown Scandinavian timber from very sustainable resources.

Question: Do you offer a bespoke service regarding layout of the door, windows dividing walls?
Answer: Yes all of our garden buildings are manufactured to order specifically to the customers requirements!

Question: Do you layout the base to sit the garden building on?
Answer: This is a service we do not offer, the garden building will require a solid totally level base to be erected on.

Question: Do you offer finance?
Answer: Yes with a small deposit you can spread the cost out up to 3 years interest free. (T&Cs Apply)

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